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MAGIC TRAINING LTD is a registered company in England and Wales, with the registration number 09733457. This Privacy Notice sets out the obligations of MAGIC TRAINING LTD with regards to data protection and the rights of customers and business contacts (“data subjects”) in respect of their personal data under the current legislation.

The information provided within this form is required to
- Effectively communicate with you as our learner/ delegate on the finalising of your registration;
- Enrolment to the Awarding Organisation (ProQual, IOSH or EAL)
- Accessing the database of learner records
- Completing the course/ qualification and sending the certificate(s).

Please see our Data Protection Policy, Privacy Policy, and the list of our awarding bodies which we are approved to deliver their courses/qualifications - to know exactly which information we share with them and with whom).

All the information provided in this form will be administrated under the Data Protection Act and other current regulations. We will archive them for at least 5 years to meet the requirements.

For any other information about how we proceed with your data provided in this form and/ or delete part of your details please contact our DPO at info@magic-training.co.uk

By submitting this form, you agree that the statements made in this application are correct and up to date, to the best of your knowledge. You agree adhere to our internal policies and procedures are terms and conditions. Moreover, if the information above is found to be false you agree for MAGIC TRAINING LTD to undertake any legal actions required.